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You Have the Power to Create

Last updated on April 10, 2024

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Think about this for a few moments…

You can use your thoughts to create almost anything you seriously want. No other creature on earth can do that.

You have the power to create something that has never existed, write best-selling books, live in the house of your dreams, build a new business, and make all the money you want.

You can do all those things and much more. But you have to believe that you can do it. And if you don’t believe it, it’s time to upgrade some of your beliefs.

Leland Val Van de Wall said, “Our belief system is based upon our evaluation of something, and frequently if we reevaluate a situation, our belief about that situation will change.”

So, take a few minutes to evaluate the following questions to help you see what shifts you may need to start making in your mindset.

  • Do I believe that I am worthy of having this dream and all the money I need and want?

  • Am I comfortable talking about money and my dreams?

  • Do I believe I can create financial freedom or anything else I would love to create?

If any of the answers are ‘no,’ ask yourself where those beliefs came from and if they are true. Most of the time, you’ll find there is no supporting evidence; you’ve just been operating on autopilot because it’s part of your conditioning.

When you find any negative or limiting thoughts or feelings, your job is to recognize that it’s not a beneficial belief to have and look at it from a new, more empowering perspective.

Five steps you can take right away to start altering your self-image and improving your life:

1. Visualize: Spend 10-20 minutes, two or three times a day, to visualize yourself with the wonderful things you’d like to be, do, and have. Allow yourself to completely relax so you can feel what you want down to your cells. To do that, you must live the part while you are visualizing.

2. Write It Down: Burn the images of how you want to live this year in your mind, and then write a detailed description of them. The more you can see and feel as you read your description, the better.

3. Make a Comparison: When you’ve got your description just the way you want it, take a good look at it, and compare it to how you’re living now.

4. Choose One Thing to Change: Once you’ve made this comparison, you’ll see the changes you need to make. Even if you could make dozens of changes, begin by making one change at a time. An excellent place to start is with your appearance.

You want to present yourself physically in a way that is consistent with the new image you are developing. Something as simple as how you dress, walk, and project yourself sends a powerful message to your subconscious mind. It also sends a strong message to everyone you come across.

5. Use Your Inner Eye: Go inside and take a close look at yourself with your inner eye. See if you’re beginning to see yourself, from within, as the person you really want to be.

During the transition period, when you’re in the process of implanting your new image in the subconscious, you will actually perceive two people—the old you and the new you. Every time you see yourself as a failure or lacking somehow, shift your focus to the new you.

You ARE capable to BE, DO, HAVE, GIVE, LOVE, CREATE, and EXPERIENCE anything you set your intentions on…you simply must BELIEVE it!!

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