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The Law of Success

Last updated on May 30, 2024

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Every single one of us was intended to succeed. God’s purpose and will is that we all become great — including you! We are born to be rich and successful. Every one of us has been given a complete set of faculties, which, when properly developed and applied, will ensure success. By understanding and working with this Law, you will become a greater and greater success in life; infinite resources will be at your disposal with no limits to the possibilities.

You will produce results every time if you use this Law exactly as intended and use it with faith and understanding. Whatever you are facing right now, there is something better out there for you but you must prepare for it. Study, planning and effort are all necessary elements. We all are compelled at some point to move in the direction of our soul’s growth.

Every mind can develop greatness. It’s simply a matter of knowing how. Success is within the reach of every person who wants it. All you need to do is gain a right understanding of the Universal Laws upon which success is based and then apply the right methods of operating these Laws until success is earned.

Here are 6 steps to help you embrace the law of success:

Dream big! Why limit yourself? It doesn’t take any more energy to go after the big win than it does after the small, so why are so many of us settling instead of going after what we really want? You can achieve success because the Law does not make mistakes.

Success looks different to different people. Real success is not defined in terms of money, position or fame, but it can include all of those things and more. True success means that you’ve obtained the results you wanted, you’ve benefited, and the world has been enriched in some way. The Law of Success defines success as personal advancement or the favorable termination of anything you’ve attempted.

Fall in love with your idea of success. Your idea of success really needs to resonate with you. Other people’s idea of success may be different from yours, and you won’t work toward success unless you’re in love with your own IDEA of it. You need to be in perfect harmony with what you want to achieve.

Falling in love with your idea of success is important because you’ll likely fail many times in your attempts to achieve it. This is natural and part of the learning process. The key is knowing that you will get there.

Individual failings don’t make someone a failure — you only fail when you stop trying. With big opportunities come big failures. If you’re truly in love with your vision of success, you will continue
to come up with new ideas and give your vision energy, and the Universe will respond. Don’t let failure discourage you. Your failures are simply feedback from your Universe on what you need to tweak.

Maintain a positive “I can” state of mind. A positive mind will lead to success. Psychologists say a positive state of mind is a success attitude. The only difference between the one who succeeds and the one who fails is their state of mind.

Raymond Holliwell says, “As you mentally perceive the better and the greater, you will consciously and unconsciously reach out for the better and the greater.” Begin now to imagine the life you truly want and allow yourself to move into that image. As you are bringing your dream to mind, begin to generate an I can feeling.; you CAN by the authority of the Law of your own being.

Eliminate fear by having understanding. Fear is a major cause of failure. When your mind is confused by fear, you are in no condition to accept an opportunity. Fear is an outgrowth of doubt and worry; the opposite of doubt and worry is understanding. Therefore, the only remedy known for fear is understanding. Understanding leads to faith.

Don’t procrastinate. Procrastination kills ambition because it gets you into the habit of indecision which causes failure. One who cannot decide for himself becomes receptive to the mass mind around him, and he becomes one of the masses and can attract only what the masses supply, which isn’t much. Practice making your decisions clearly and promptly.

Perhaps one reason you procrastinate is because you are seeking answers, and in the act of seeking you are putting off making a decision. If you want to know, the answer is always there; you just need to be open to receiving it. When you say you are confused, you are really saying you don’t want to know because it may mean letting go of something you have hung onto for a long time. Procrastination keeps you stuck outside the realm of possibility.

Spend your time wisely. There are people who have reached success in their spare time. They reached their goal by making the most of the few minutes they had after or before work, or when the kids were in bed for the night. Your success depends upon the use of your time as well. Don’t derail your success by wasting time. You should be investing your time rather than wasting it. Be mindful of how you are using odd moments, because even a spare five minutes is rich with potential and life.

Take stock of how you are spending your spare time.

The Law of Success is always at work. Whatever you lack, the Universe has. Whatever you need, spirit can supply. Whatever obstacle you encounter, the spirit of life within you can overcome it.

How will you use this Law to benefit your life?

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