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2024 Property Appraisal Notice: What You Need to Know

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Last week, many homeowners in our area received their 2024 Property Appraisal Notice from the Rockwall Central Appraisal District. Have you taken a moment to review yours? It’s essential to understand that this notice is not your Property Tax Bill; rather, it serves as an indication of your property’s newly appraised value.

Timeline for Contesting Your Property’s Appraised Value

Should you find yourself in disagreement with the assessed value, you have the opportunity to contest it between March 18th and May 15th, 2024. However, it’s crucial to note that your formal protest must be submitted before the scheduled hearing, so prompt action is advised.

This time of year tends to bring an influx of calls and requests for assistance from homeowners seeking to contest their home values. As a REALTOR®, I frequently encounter inquiries on the best approach to contesting these valuations.

It’s important to recognize that the assessed value provided is not tailored specifically to your property; rather, it represents a generalized appraisal of the area. Given the limitations of manpower, the district cannot evaluate each home individually.

Tips for Effectively Contesting Your Property’s Value

If you’re considering contesting the value, it’s essential to focus on presenting facts. As Sergeant Joe Friday from the TV show “Drag Net” famously said, “Just the facts, please.” Keeping this in mind, I encourage you to utilize resources like my website, where you can easily assess your home’s market value.

To proceed with your objection, start by evaluating your home from a buyer’s perspective. Compare your property to others in the neighborhood, noting any distinguishing features such as size, views, or proximity to amenities.

Internally, document areas that may impact value, such as outdated kitchen and bathroom fixtures or needed repairs. Take detailed photographs to support your observations.

Outside, inspect the exterior for signs of wear and tear, including rotted wood, cracks in the brickwork, or neglected landscaping. Compile this information into a clear, concise presentation, and complete the Protest Form provided with your notice.

While many appeals can be conducted virtually, be prepared for an in-person hearing if necessary. Remember to treat the volunteers handling your appeal with respect and courtesy.

As a final reminder, ensure you are taking advantage of all available exemptions, such as Homestead or exemptions for seniors and disabled individuals, as indicated on the notice.

Good luck with your appeal process, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance.

Jerry Welch, Realtor

Jerry Welch is a full-time, professional REALTOR® with over 17 years in real estate and specializes in helping seniors transition. He holds an SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) designation, which reflects his extensive education on topics such as tax laws, probate, estate planning, and equity conversion strategies. He offers relevant information on current market trends as well as being a valuable resource regarding real estate transactions. He was one of the founding members and is a past chair of the Rockwall Chamber SSA (Senior Services Alliance) Program. (972) 800 3915

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