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Hellenistic as Heck!

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Ok so after the gym I came to have lunch here at Onassis Greek Taphouse + Kitchen in Rockwall.

As soon as I walked through the door there was another door to the left. It confused me at first, then I saw the crossfit sign on the door and immediately noped in the other direction. I just left the gym, I’m not trying to get another workout in. Make a hard right when you walk in. The restaurant is on the right.
So the atmosphere is awesome. It’s very modern and clean. Really nice and exactly my type of aesthetic. The music.. eh.. it’s kind of easy listening adult contemporary, which is fine. Not my thing. Usually when I’m at a restaurant that focuses on a certain regional cuisine, I like to hear the music of that area. I like to hear Italian music in an Italian restaurant, indian music in an Indian restaurant, Spanish music eating tapas, etc. Transport me, dammit! But that’s a personal preference thing. The important thing is the food.

I started with a bloody Mary bc I’m an old man trapped in a sexy, very single and available body. The drink was really good, nice and spicy just like me. And they didn’t stick an entire 15 course tasting menu on top of it, which is very much appreciated.
The first food I got was the hummus. It tasted real. Didn’t taste premade. My waitress, Cheyenne, after joking about her name and how it’s always misspelled, said they make everything fresh and she likes watching them blend up the chickpeas. It’s very soothing I’ll admit. Cheyenne was amazing too. That chick is badass. You should hope she’s your waitress if you go there.
My entree was the Onassissississs Platter, which came with a little bit of everything. The pastitsio tasted homemade, the sausage was one of the best I’ve had, the gyro was good, the tzaziki.. everything was really tasty. Couldn’t really complain about anything with the food. I’ve had a lot of Greek food, being a big foodie myself and the admin of the Foodies of Rockwall, Fate, and Royse City group on Facebook, if you haven’t joined you’re missing out, and this is some of the better Greek I’ve had. Probably the best I’ve had in this part of the country. If you have a hot date to impress, this isn’t a bad option.

Really impressive! I recommend them enormously! The food was great, the service was outstanding, my waitress was a cutie patootie, and it was a lovely experience. Back home to Bucees for another ice coffee. If ya know ya know.. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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