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All the Things She Said, Ramen Through My Head 🍜

Last updated on August 17, 2021

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So if you know anything about me, you know how much I love a hot, wet noodle in my mouth. So naturally I had to come try this place out. I’ve been hearing rumblings and scuttlebutt and even murmurings about Ramen Head for a while now, and today was a great day to try this place out! I’m a big fan of good ramen, I’m a Shin Ramen boy usually.. crack an egg or two in that shiz at the very end and mix it up making it all thick and creamy πŸ˜‹… So let’s see how this place stacks up!

First thing, the atmosphere was pretty great. It was dark and very modern and felt nice and Rameny. Very intimate. The music was kind of Japanese pop, and really loud. I don’t mind that but I know some people have an issue with that sort of thing. There are some really cool ramen themed pop-art murals on the walls, which me being a sexy-ass artist myself, is much appreciated! The table was clean and very nicely set. Looking over the menu, it was nice to see lots of ramen and rice bowl options, as well as hot sake and desserts. They even have a whole page of the menu dedicated to a charity to help the local needy and invalids. That’s a great thing to see!Most importantly though, MOST importantly.. they have a ramen eating challenge! It’s a huge bowl equal to 4 of their regular bowls, 45 minute time limit. I’m definitely going to have to try that at some point. The idea of attaining that level of glory is too much to not try. This is totally happening.One more really cool thing I saw was, you can actually buy the chopsticks you use in your meal! They have a thing asking people to please not steal the chopsticks, you can actually purchase your chopsticks or buy a new set. That’s awesome, I’ve never seen that before at a ramen restaurant. It’s just a really good idea.

I ordered the Black Garlic Ramen, because of course the way to my heart is just a buttload of black garlic. While waiting I went to use the toilet. The restroom was very well kept and stocked, they even had flushable wet wipes! What is this, HEAVEN?? They did, however, have the mirror on the floor next to the sink for some reason. So you kind of have to wash up, then lay on the floor to make sure you look halfway decent, but then you have to wash up again because you were just lying on a restroom floor. It’s a vicious cycle and I refused to partake. I washed up and trusted that I looked as cute as I always do.

Back at the table, my ramen was delivered really quick and looked pretty amazing. First thing I tried was the broth. Anthony Bourdain, one of my idols, may he rest in peace 😞, once said that many people don’t really know what ‘umami’ means and it’s difficult to define, but he always described it as ‘I would literally suck someone’s **** for one more bite of that burger’. I think that’s always been a pretty good definition of ‘umami’. This broth is umami out the yinyang. That’s all it is. It’s creamy and fragrant and smacks you in the face with garlic, which is fine by me!

The noodles were perfect. Not too soft, not too chewy. The pork was fall apart. The egg was a revelation. What is going on with Rockwall?? This is one of the best bowls of ramen I’ve ever had! That’s not hyperbole! As you all know, one of my biggest frustrations with eating out is the awkwardness at the end of the meal when it’s time to pay, and you’re not sure if this is a ‘pay at the table’ restaurant or a ‘pay up at the front’ restaurant. Well fear not and let not your heart be troubled! Before my last bite was even down, my waitress came over to the table with a handheld and swiped my card right there! It still was a little awkward her holding this thing and watching while I put in the tip and everything, but that’s a minor inconvenience. If nothing else, it puts pressure on people to leave a decent tip and some of you cheap bastards need that kind of stress in your lives if I’m being honest.

I left this place very happy and excited to come back, especially if I find a date. This will be a great place to take her! Ladies 😏…Great atmosphere, friendly staff, awesome food. I recommend this place enormously! Unless you’re just a miserable person by default, you won’t be disappointed. πŸ™Œ

Addendum: Since originally writing this review I have been to Ramen Head several times and really love it. All their appetizers are great, especially their Chasu Pork Deviled Eggs. I got to actually witness the ramen eating challenge be WON! It was a thing to behold and something I never thought I’d witness in my lifetime. Also, the mirror is now safely secured on the wall in the toilet so that’s a great thing! Ramen Head has become one of my absolute favorite spots in Rockwall.

Also, special accommodations 🏨 to Cori the barmaid. She’s a delight, makes a mean cocktail, and will make your experience even better. Give her a shout when you stop by! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’¨

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