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Isn’t it time to think local when considering online education?

While online college attendance eliminates geographical boundaries to receiving a degree from schools anywhere in the country, these facts remain:

Find a great Lone Star State college or university at
Find a great Lone Star State college or university at
  • Nearly seven in 10 online students select an online degree from a college or university within 50 miles of their homes.
  • Three out of five online students visit their online college’s physical campus during their degree progressions, and nearly half of them visit several times each year.

Now, there’s an online college website that prioritizes Texas schools and Texas job opportunities:

At, prospective students will find all of the online degree options in the Lone Star State without fear of surprise out-of-state tuition differentials, or worse, discovering that their out-of-state degree didn’t prepare them for Texas’s educational or licensure requirements.

“Until now, no online college information site has refined its focus to a specific state. That’s where we come in,” says Brian Langhoff, chief technology officer of “Students share that they feel inundated by information that doesn’t apply to their needs. By concentrating on the state level, we use our knowledge of higher education to help students and working adults in Texas focus on the best local schools and improve their career options. Texas colleges and universities also need partners for admissions and enrollment help, and our decade of experience can help direct students their way.”

If online students can attend school anywhere in the world, why choose to stay close to home?

  • Online college tuition from in-state universities or colleges is typically the more affordable option.
  • Proximity to school provides access to campus facilities and creates opportunities for online students to meet in-person with professors, fellow students, and study groups.
  • For those growing up near a college, familiarity with the school’s name, its reputation and traditions, and even recognizing the names of educators is an important part of the trust online students bring to this decision.
  • In a local job market, employers may look favorably on nearby colleges due to familiarity with both the schools, their educators and programs, and local graduates.
  • And in Texas, family legacy and loyalty to the state’s great colleges and their athletic programs still matter. spotlights Texas’s colleges and universities and their online degree offerings, which means more accurate side-by-side comparisons for prospective students. With the site’s detailed Texas-specific job growth forecasts and salaries provided by the state, Texas students gain a truer sense of their career prospects after graduation.

“Though the events of 2020 may have complicated the usual college choice decision, simplifies that search while keeping the focus on the great higher education institutions in the Lone Star State,” says Langhoff. “I’ve pursued this direction myself, so I know attending an online college close to home in Texas works.” is a unique website devoted to students, professional educators, job enhancers, and devotees of growth through learning. The experienced team of educators, academics, data scientists, and learning mavens at understand Texas’s colleges and universities and their online degree offerings. They believe that education changes lives and makes a brighter future for us all.

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