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Welcome to the 21st Century

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Rockwall, TX-June 30, 2024 – Just because the people’s business is done in the “Historic” County Courthouse, doesn’t mean we should operate in a time warp. “Transparency is irrelevant if the citizens can’t see or hear you,” quips County Judge Frank New.

We are partnering with Granicus, Inc. and Bluum Technology to enhance Commissioners Court meetings’ video and audio quality to ensure a more transparent and responsive government. Through its subsidiary Swagit, Granicus will provide a full-service video streaming and on-demand solution, allowing us to outsource the operation and production of multi-camera broadcasts for public meetings. This will ensure reliable and high-quality meeting video management with immediate transcripts following the meeting, keyword searchability, and accurate closed captioning for ADA compliance thus providing citizens better access to government information.

Bluum Technology will install a new audio system in the courtroom, including microphones and speakers, to improve the audio aspects of the online and in-house presentation and enhance the ability to hear every word during the meetings. The microphones will also include a voting mechanism to allow the commissioner’s votes to be displayed on the screen in the courtroom and the online presentation, rather than being taken vocally in court.

“Under my leadership as County Clerk, streamlining processes is a top priority.” Jennifer Fogg explains, “By leveraging advanced technologies from Granicus, Inc. and Bluum Technology, we’re not only enhancing transparency and accessibility but also streamlining the entire meeting experience for our community. These investments ensure efficient operations that benefit our residents and the integrity of local governance in Rockwall County.”

The costs for these technical upgrades are being funded by the County Clerk’s Records Management Funds, not from property tax revenues.

Press Release: Welcome to the 21st Century

Submitted by: Jim Barto, Rockwall County Public Information Officer

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