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MedSure Systems Launches Revolutionary Medication Adherence Technology

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Dallas, TX –June 5, 2024 –Dallas-based innovator, MedSure™ Systems, today announced the initial launch of a groundbreaking medication adherence technology that connects doctors, patients, pharmacies and caregivers via a secure App with the goal of increasing positive clinical outcomes, patient experience and lowering healthcare costs. Medications adherence, how compliant patients are with their medication routine, is a multibillion-dollar problem associated with costs of more than $300B and 200,000 premature deaths a year.

MedSure™ Systems’ medication adherence solution is a leap forward in patient care. Via a secure App, MedSure connects the patient to their entire care team and prompts them to take their medication when needed. When a patient takes their medication and records it via the app, their entire care team can access the data. If a patient does not take their medication, MedSure takes a series of steps to notify the patient to ensure medication adherence, including app notifications, text messages, emails and eventually a phone call.  The technology promises to bring peace of mind to physicians, patients, and caregivers alike, knowing that their medication is being taken properly to ensure the best possible clinical outcomes.

“With medication adherence at less than 50%, causing billions of dollars of unnecessary healthcare expenses, physician penalties and premature deaths, MedSure™ Systems is at the forefront of addressing the healthcare industry’s most pressing challenges,” said Justin Monger, CEO, MedSure™ Systems. “Our breakthrough medication adherence technology is centered on a network connecting doctors, patients, pharmacies, and caregivers, to provide unparalleled access to patient medication adherence information.”

In addition to decreased clinical outcomes and increased healthcare costs, nearly half of all physicians have paid a combined $25B in fines for hospital readmission due to medication adherence each year. Currently 41 million Americans over 65 have two or more chronic diseases and need medication management, a number that is growing by 10,000 people each day and shockingly, less than 50% of all prescribed medications are taken per the doctor’s orders.  

“We are excited to introduce this technology to healthcare providers and patients, initially in Dallas Fort-Worth. Our dedication to improving medication adherence, helping physicians leverage their diagnoses, positions us to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry. Combining technology, human factors (relational care) and informatics, MedSure™ patients have achieved an impressive 99.9% medication compliance rate since its launch,” added Monger.

MedSure™ Systems is leading the way in improving patient outcomes through technological innovation, unique human factors / relational care and Informatics. The company invites healthcare providers to join them in this revolutionary journey towards a more efficient healthcare system. The company’s momentum has been further bolstered by Medicare’s decision to reimburse for its services starting January 1, 2023.

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About MedSure Systems

MedSure™ Systems is an emerging Medtech company that provides medication administration to cover the last mile of the remote monitoring value chain. Using smart technology and relational care and informatics – to connect doctor, patient, pharmacy, and caregiver, MedSure™ guides patients’ medication adherence for vastly superior outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. 

The patients now using MedSure services have achieved 99.9% med compliance since launch. 

Medicare, seeing the tremendous cost-savings benefits, is moving to make Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) like MedSure™ a best practice in healthcare and now reimburses for MedSure™ services.

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Press Release: MedSure Systems Launches Revolutionary Medication Adherence Technology

Submitted by: Chris Savarese, MedSure Systems – Communications

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