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Clarence L. Jorif Voted as New Mayor Pro Tem of Rockwall

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Rockwall, TX June 3, 2024 — The City of Rockwall is pleased to announce that Clarence L. Jorif was elected as the new Mayor Pro Tem on Monday, May 20, 2024.

Jorif and Mayor Johannesen

Mr. Jorif expressed his dedication to the community, stating, “As Mayor Pro Tem, I humbly accept the privilege to further dedicate myself to the people of Rockwall. From Councilmember to Mayor Pro Tem, my dedication remains steadfast in upholding the essence of our dynamic community. Every decision I make will continue to echo my commitment to enhancing both the personal and economic prosperity of Rockwall’s residents, their loved ones, and our business community. I embrace the opportunity to continue contributing to Rockwall’s journey towards a flourishing and resilient future.”

About the Mayor Pro Tem Role:

The Mayor Pro Tem (short for “Mayor Pro Tempore”) is a position elected by their City Council member peers to temporarily act as mayor in the absence or incapacity of the sitting mayor. The Mayor Pro Tem has the same powers and responsibilities as the mayor during these times, ensuring the continuity of leadership and decision-making within the city government. This role is crucial for maintaining the steady operation of city functions and supporting the mayor in their duties.

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Press Release: Clarence L. Jorif Voted as New Mayor Pro Tem of Rockwall

Submitted by: Kate Sitzensatter, Public Information Officer

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