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Protecting Motorists in Rockwall County

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In 2022, there were 15,299 serious injury crashes in Texas, resulting in 18,880 people sustaining incapacitating injuries, according to data from Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Reports. Reportable crashes occurred in the state every 57 seconds, with 1 person injured every 2 minutes and 9 seconds.

For the next 2 months, the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with the Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as the Rockwall Police, Royse City Police, Rowlett Police, Fate DPS, and Heath DPS, will be cracking down on hazardous drivers during a new pilot program.

Rockwall County Sheriff Terry Garrett introduced the Hazardous Driving Enforcement Program (HDE), stating, “The increased traffic in all parts of the county leads to more congestion, driver frustration, and subsequently, hazardous driving behaviors. The program aims to reduce accidents, promote safe driving habits through increased enforcement, educational programs, and build relationships with community members and local law enforcement.”

Law enforcement will actively patrol and monitor driver behaviors on public roadways to identify and address hazardous drivers. They will target speeding, following too close (tailgating), running red lights and stop signs, unsafe lane changes, reckless driving, distracted driving, and driving while intoxicated.

Sheriff’s deputies with the HDE Program also plan to provide educational programs to citizens and organizations about safe driving habits. The program aims to raise awareness, educate drivers, and promote responsible behaviors to reduce the number of hazardous driving incidents in Rockwall County.

 After the trial period concludes, the need for the HDE Program will be evaluated.

Sheriff Garrett feels through community partnerships, education, and motorist compliance, we can reduce hazardous traffic violations and provide the citizens of Rockwall with safer roadways to travel.

Press Release: Protecting Motorist in Rockwall County

Submitted by: Jim Barto, Rockwall County Public Information Officer

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