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PCCS Teacher of the Week

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Heather Johnson

Congratulations to Poetry Community Christian School’s Teacher of the Week:  Heather Johnson.  Mrs. Johnson has a special heart for students who struggle with learning. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from University of North Texas and is nearly finished with a master’s degree. Her career includes working as an Academic Dean (Director of Student Success) at a National American University in 2013, project management, administration, and teaching 1st grade and, later, classes for struggling learners for Forney ISD. In addition to teaching small groups at PCCS, she works as the PCCS Support Services Coordinator to work on Personalized Education Plans (PEPs, the PCCS more manageable and positive version of an IEP), observing students and their work product, and assisting with admissions. She and her husband, Chris, a Dallas police officer, attend FreeLife Church in Forney with their three children who also attend PCCS.

About PCCS

Poetry Community Christian School offers Christ-centered education for more than 200 students K-4 through 12th grade.

​Founded in 2002, PCCS is fully accredited by the international accrediting organization, COGNIA (parent organization to South Association for College and Schools/SACS Division) and continues to be awarded high accreditation scores. During the most recent accreditation inspection, COGNIA awarded PCCS a score of 369 (well above the average score range of all COGNIA network schools, 278.34-283.33). This high score is not unusual with PCCS scoring in the exemplary range for the last two decades. In all accreditation domains, the school strives for the accreditation standard of “continuous improvement.” 

Press Release: PCCS Teacher of the Week Submitted by: Anne Puidk Horan EdD PCCS President Photo Credit: Dallas McNeal Photography

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