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Entrepreneur Spotlight: The Way To Aging

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A small business with a big heart is making waves in geriatric care. The Way To Aging, founded by Yolanda Lawler, MASM RCFE, who experienced firsthand the challenges of the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic, is dedicated to helping seniors and their families navigate the complexities of aging. Today, we shine our Entrepreneur Spotlight on this inspiring business and the story behind its creation.

Yolanda Lawler

The Inspiration Behind The Way To Aging

Yolanda Lawler was motivated by a deeply personal experience while serving as the Executive Director of a large Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility in California during 2020. Witnessing the corporate greed that prioritized profits over the well-being of residents and staff, she was driven to make a change. “I realized that not all companies were like this, but the one I worked for was. This pushed me to become part of the change needed in the industry,” she shared. The result was The Way To Aging, a business born from the desire to support elderly individuals and their families, allowing them to age in place with dignity and care.

Impact on the Rockwall Community

Having relocated to Rockwall in September 2023, Yolanda and her family quickly fell in love with the city and its community spirit. They are actively involved in their church and local neighborhood, understanding the vital role small businesses play in fostering a thriving community. Their mission is clear: to help the elderly age in place safely, and if necessary, find the right care environment within the community. Their services stand out for their personalized, unbiased approach to geriatric care management, ensuring each client’s needs are met with compassion and professionalism.

The Rewards of Geriatric Care Management

One of the most rewarding aspects of providing geriatric care management is guiding families through crises. “Most families reach out to us during a crisis,” Yolanda explains. “Helping them navigate these stressful and emotional times is incredibly fulfilling. We relieve their stress, allowing them to enjoy time with their loved ones rather than worrying about their care.” She emphasizes the importance of proactive conversations about aging, urging families to discuss aging successfully before a crisis hits.

Memorable Client Experiences

A particularly memorable case involved a granddaughter seeking help for her grandfather, who exhibited aggressive behaviors after the loss of his wife. Upon assessment, it was clear he was experiencing cognitive decline and was not in a safe environment. The Way To Aging helped find a suitable community for him, where he flourished with social activities and proper care. The transformation was remarkable, allowing the granddaughter to resume her role as a loving family member rather than a stressed caregiver. This case exemplifies the profound impact The Way To Aging can have on families and their elderly loved ones.

Values and Daily Operations

The Way To Aging operates on the principle of treating others as they would like to be treated. This guiding value ensures clients are seen as individuals rather than revenue sources. By understanding and addressing their needs with kindness and concern, the team fosters a supportive environment. Even when clients are not at their best, The Way To Aging remains patient and empathetic, recognizing the stress and challenges their clients face.

Success Stories and Advice

A notable success story involved a mother whose sudden disorientation was initially mistaken for worsening dementia. The Way To Aging recommended a medical evaluation, which revealed a urinary tract infection (UTI). With proper treatment and a tailored care plan, she was able to return home and continue aging in place safely. Such stories highlight the importance of comprehensive and personalized care plans.

For families seeking the right care environment for their elderly loved ones, The Way To Aging advises thorough research and direct engagement with potential communities. “Focus on what the older adult wants and needs,” they recommend, “and ensure the environment aligns with their values and preferences.”

The Journey and Vision

Yolanda’s journey into geriatric care management began with personal challenges and academic pursuits, ultimately leading to a Master’s degree in Aging Services Management from USC. Her personal experience caring for her aging mother profoundly shaped her empathetic approach to client care.

As part of the Rockwall community, The Way To Aging aims to be a vital resource, fostering education about aging and dementia while promoting respect and dignity for the elderly. Their commitment to making a positive impact is evident in every aspect of their work.

Family Owned

The Way To Aging is a family-owned business, with each member bringing unique skills to support elderly clients. From marketing expertise to social media management and financial oversight, the team works together to uphold their values and deliver exceptional care.

In a society that often overlooks the elderly, The Way To Aging stands out as a beacon of compassion and advocacy. Their dedication to the well-being of seniors in Rockwall County is a testament to the positive change a small business can make in its community.

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