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Speak Social: Where the Spirit of Rockwall’s Past Meets Today’s Casual Charm, In Partnership with Rockwall Capital Group

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In a bold stride towards redefining the landscape of dining and entertainment, Speak Social emerges as the latest innovation in downtown Rockwall’s cultural tapestry. Formerly known as Speak, the cherished speakeasy synonymous with clandestine charm, Speak Social embarks on a transformative journey in deeper collaboration with Rockwall Capital Group, heralding a new era of inclusivity and enchantment.

“We are thrilled to unveil Speak Social in collaboration with Rockwall Capital Group, marking a pivotal moment in our entrepreneurial journey,” shares Tommy and Tamara Kolleck, the visionaries behind this transformation. “With their invaluable support and shared vision, we are poised to redefine this unique offering with an experience that resonates with patrons from all walks of life.”

Venturing beyond the confines of exclusivity, Speak Social extends a warm embrace to all, bidding farewell to the era of whispered passwords and clandestine entryways. As the curtains rise on this new chapter, patrons are invited to revel in the conviviality of an era where community and camaraderie reign supreme.

Located in the heart of downtown Rockwall at 104 North San Jacinto, Speak Social exudes an inviting ambiance, seamlessly blending the opulence of its historic past with contemporary charm. Step into a world where live music sets the tone, inviting patrons to sway to the rhythm and melodies while savoring delectable offerings from our revamped menu.

With an eclectic fusion of flavors and a nod to culinary innovation, Speak Social promises an epicurean journey like no other. From tantalizing small plates to signature cocktails crafted with precision, each dish tells a tale of culinary craftsmanship and creativity.

Beyond gastronomic delights, Speak Social invites guests to immerse themselves in an array of entertainment experiences. From captivating live performances to riveting theater productions, including immersive murder mystery themes, there’s something to captivate every discerning palate.

Embracing a more relaxed dress code and welcoming guests of all ages, Speak Social sets the stage for unforgettable moments shared among friends and family in a casual, lively, and family-friendly environment. As we unveil this new chapter, patrons are invited to rediscover the essence of socializing in an atmosphere brimming with warmth and conviviality.

Come enjoy the last few days of Speak before a short transition from April 29th – May 2nd. Then join us at Speak Social, re-opening ceremony Friday May 3rd, where every moment is an opportunity to savor the magic of Rockwall’s historic past while embracing the spirit of today, thanks to the strategic partnership between Speak Group, LLC, and Rockwall Capital Group.

About Rockwall Capital Group

Rockwall Capital Group is a leading advocate for small businesses and community development in Rockwall County. With a mission to foster growth and prosperity, Rockwall Capital Group partners with entrepreneurs and businesses to create enduring legacies and promote economic empowerment.

Press Release: Speak Social: Where the Spirit of Rockwall’s Past Meets Today’s Casual Charm, In Partnership with Rockwall Capital Group Submitted by: Alicia Vega, President of Rockwall Capital Group

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