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Speak Social: A New Era of Dining and Entertainment

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Rockwall, Texas – March 21, 2024 – Speak, the beloved establishment known for its exquisite food, vibrant atmosphere, and engaging entertainment, is proud to announce its transformation into Speak Social.

Founder Tamara and Tommy Kolleck are excited to unveil this evolution, marking a new chapter in the history of the establishment. With a keen eye on inclusivity and community, Speak Social aims to break barriers and welcome patrons of all ages and backgrounds to experience its offerings.

In addition to these exciting developments, Speak Social is proud to announce expanding its strategic partnership with Rockwall Capital Group. This partnership exemplifies Speak Social’s commitment to strategic alliances that support its vision for growth and innovation in the dining and entertainment industry.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Speak Social, a space where everyone feels at home,” says Tamara. “Gone are the age restrictions and dress requirements. We want to create a more relaxed and casual environment where patrons can enjoy fantastic food, quality drinks, and diverse music genres.”

Key highlights of the transition to Speak Social include.

Inclusive Environment: Speak Social eliminates age restrictions and dress requirements, welcoming patrons from all walks of life.

Expanded Music Genres: While still paying homage to its jazz roots, Speak Social will explore a diverse range of music genres, enhancing the social experience for all visitors.

Venue Expansion: The front area previously known as Sloane’s will undergo revamps to accommodate Speak Social’s vision. Patrons can expect small bites, tantalizing cocktails, and the possibility of outdoor patio dining in the summertime.

Community Engagement: Speak Social values feedback from its patrons. Through online polls and surveys, the establishment seeks input on potential offerings, including brunch and lunch menus.

Upcoming Changes: Patrons can anticipate the unveiling of new signage and renovations in the coming weeks, with a full transition to Speak Social expected in April.

Reservations are not required.

However to make reservations or learn more about Speak Social


email [email protected] or

find us on OpenTable by searching “Speak.”

Tamara, Tommy, and the Speak Social team are excited to embark on this transformation journey and look forward to welcoming patrons, both familiar faces and newcomers, to experience Speak Social’s vibrant ambiance and delectable offerings.

About Speak Social

Speak Social is a premier dining and entertainment destination in Rockwall, Texas. With a focus on inclusivity and community, Speak Social offers a diverse range of culinary delights, innovative cocktails, and engaging entertainment, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

About Rockwall Capital Group

Rockwall Capital Group is a leading advocate for small businesses and community development in Rockwall County. With a mission to foster growth and prosperity, Rockwall Capital Group partners with entrepreneurs and businesses to create enduring legacies and promote economic empowerment.

Press Release: Speak Social: A New Era of Dining and Entertainment Submitted by: Tamara Kolleck, Speak Social

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