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Rockwall Leadership Team Explores Economic Development and Community Growth in Rockwall, Texas 

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Rockwall, Texas March 25, 2024 – The Rockwall Leadership Class of 2024, sponsored by the Rockwall Area of Commerce, embarked on a day of discovery to gain insights into economic development and community growth initiatives in the region. This immersive experience provided valuable behind-the-scenes perspectives and strategic insights aimed at driving the future prosperity of Rockwall and its surrounding areas. 

Royse City Police Station

The day began with a tour of the nearly completed new Royse City Police Station, where Police Chief Kirk Aldridge showcased the city’s unwavering commitment to public safety. Notably, the station, designed by police officers for police officers, symbolizes the close collaboration between city officials and law enforcement in ensuring community well-being. 

Fate City Hall

Subsequently, the leadership team convened at Fate City Hall for a presentation by Justin Weiss, City of Fate, Economic Development Manager. Weiss’s comprehensive overview shed light on the city’s strategic initiatives and the collaborative partnerships driving economic and community development, underscoring the importance of proactive strategies in fostering regional growth. 

Rockwall Economic Development Corporation

Following the presentation, the team gathered at the Rockwall Economic Development Corporation (REDC) for a luncheon session. Here, Phil Wagner, President of REDC, provided invaluable insights into the corporation’s pivotal role in attracting and nurturing businesses in Rockwall County. Wagner emphasized the significance of collaboration and proactive economic development strategies in cultivating a sustainable and diversified tax base for Rockwall. 

Pegasus Foods

After lunch, the team visited Pegasus Foods for a tour of the facility, expertly led by Chief Executive Officer Barry Street and Vice President of Human Resources Mike Carroll. As the leading contract manufacturer specializing in high-quality frozen foods, Pegasus Foods not only showcased its innovative processes but also highlighted its commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture for its employees. 


To conclude the day’s itinerary, the team visited IDP, a highly proficient CNC Turning and Milling machine shop. Owners Brandon and Uli Buschold Chief Executive Officer and Founder respectively offered firsthand insights into the company’s advanced manufacturing capabilities and its contribution to the region’s industrial landscape. Their emphasis on precision engineering and technological innovation underscored IDP’s role in driving job creation and economic vitality in Rockwall. 

This educational journey undertaken by the leadership team demonstrates Rockwall’s dedication to leveraging partnerships and knowledge-sharing to foster sustainable growth and prosperity. By actively engaging with key stakeholders and exploring innovative solutions, Rockwall is poised to continue its trajectory towards a vibrant and thriving community. 

Press Release: Rockwall Leadership Team Explores Economic Development and Community Growth in Rockwall, Texas Submitted By: Kate Sitzenstatter, Director of Marketing and Partner Engagement, Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce

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