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Entrepreneur Spotlight – The Traveling Toro

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The Rockwall Times Entrepreneurs Spotlight is a dedicated segment that aims to shine a spotlight on innovative and driven entrepreneurs shaping the local business landscape in our community. In each installment, we will feature in-depth profiles of these entrepreneurs, highlighting their unique stories, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the successes they’ve achieved. In this new series, we had the privilege of sitting down with a local travel agent to delve into his journey, his enterprise, and his commitment to the community.

Connecting Communities Through Travel

In our vibrant community, one name stands out as a flare of connection and hospitality: Steve Torres. Known for his infectious energy and passion for bringing people together, he has carved a unique path in the travel industry, seamlessly blending his love for hospitality with his entrepreneurial spirit.

A Journey from Hospitality to Entrepreneurship

Steve’s journey began in the bustling city of San Jose, California, where his fascination with the hospitality industry first took root. Starting from the ground up, he honed his skills in boutique hotels before ascending to the prestigious Four Seasons organization. His dedication and work ethic propelled him to a Global Sales Director role in Chicago, where he thrived for 14 years.

However, the winds of change blew in the form of the pandemic, forcing Steve to pivot and embark on a new adventure. Thus, The Traveling Toro was born, marking Steve’s foray into entrepreneurship and the realization of a lifelong dream.

Pioneering Personalized Travel Experiences

What sets The Traveling Toro apart is Steve’s unwavering commitment to personalized service. Drawing on his extensive background in luxury hospitality, he ensures that each client’s journey is tailored to their unique desires and preferences. His mantra of “Service, Personalization, Time (SPT)” guides every interaction, guaranteeing a collaborative and transparent experience from start to finish.

But Steve’s dedication extends beyond his clients; it permeates every facet of his community involvement. As Chairman of the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and a member of the Young Professionals of Rockwall group, Steve is a driving force for connection and growth, both professionally and personally.

Balancing Business with Community Engagement

Navigating the demands of entrepreneurship while maintaining a vibrant community presence is no easy feat. Yet, Steve’s secret weapon lies in his meticulous scheduling and unwavering dedication. By prioritizing both his business and personal commitments, he seamlessly intertwines his professional endeavors with his passion for community engagement.

Looking Towards the Future

As The Traveling Toro continues to flourish, Steve’s vision for the future is clear: to expand his business and build a team dedicated to crafting unforgettable travel experiences. His goal of becoming an independent affiliate under his host agency speaks to his ambition and drive to elevate his enterprise to new heights.

The Heart of Travel

For Steve, the true joy of being in the travel industry lies in the connections forged and the memories created. Whether it’s guiding clients through exotic destinations or fostering relationships within his community, his passion for travel remains unwavering. It’s this passion that fuels his journey, driving him to continue making a difference, one destination at a time.

In the bustling landscape of Rockwall, Steve Torres stands as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and community spirit. Through The Traveling Toro, an independent contractor hosted by Jetset World Travel agency, he not only connects travelers to destinations but also brings people together, creating a tapestry of experiences that enrich lives and foster lasting connections.

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To explore travel opportunities with Steve at The Traveling Toro phone (650) 644-7987 email [email protected] or visit

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