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Introducing Jax Comedy House: Honoring Laughter and Legacy

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At Jax Comedy House, our mission is simple: to deliver exceptional entertainment, delectable cuisine, and warm hospitality to our guests. Our weekend lineup will feature Friday and Saturday night performances by renowned comedians, with Sunday nights reserved for open mic sessions, offering aspiring talents a platform to shine.

In memory of our daughter Jax, we proudly announce the launch of Jax Comedy House, a tribute to her love for comedy and cooking. Located at The Bagel Lady Deli & Coffee Shop in Rockwall, our new venue will feature weekend comedy shows and Jax’s favorite small bites.

To celebrate Jax’s birthday on March 25th, we’re opening March 22-24. Join us as we honor her legacy with laughter and love.

Follow us on Instagram @jaxcomedyhouse and Facebook Jax Comedy House for updates.

Jax Comedy House presented by The Bagel Lady Deli & Coffee Shop

Press Release: Introducing Jax Comedy House Submitted by The Bagel Lady

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