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Doris Thacker

Last updated on August 19, 2022

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Doris Thacker
Born February 13, 1926
Survived by her children (oldest to youngest):
Mike Thacker
Claudia Tomlinson
Charlotte Thacker
Patty Evans
Dwight Thacker (best looking and most likely to)

She was a living great, great grandmother survived by many grandchildren.

She was born in Bellville Texas of Czechoslovakian / German descent. Grew up in a small home with no electricity learning to cook on a wood stove even riding a horse to school.

Fast forward, she met her late husband (Dallas) in early 1950’s where she married and had three children Charlotte, Patty and Dwight. Dallas or Dal was a widower with two children Mike and Claudia. Hence her kids.

Doris loved new cars, and was a fantastic cook. Very determined, she once broke her ankle prior to a European trip and went anyway with pins in her ankle in a wheelchair. Noted for many sayings like “You’re never here. You’re always gone. Even when you’re not here, you’re always gone!” or telling Dal after an argument, “I’m going to go home to your mother”.

She was often funny without knowing it. These sayings along with many others came from her heart. She also had a great sense of humor. Telling and cracking jokes even up to her last day. The caregivers enjoyed mom often making them laugh.

In all families there were bumpy times. However, there was always laughter. Mom was a big part of that. Either being the brunt of a joke or creating them. Mom was often the center of it all.

We mentioned a fantastic cook; she never measured anything when baking just went by feeling and gut. Everything always turned out perfect. She was our short order cook often frustrating Dal but ensuring everyone liked what was for dinner keeping the family gathered every evening. This is where we would share our day and strengthen our family bond.

Thanks Mom!

A graveside service will be held 9:30am Thursday, August 18, 2022, at Rest Haven Memorial Park.

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