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Rockwall works to improve Municipal Airport

Last updated on March 3, 2022

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The City of Rockwall is working to secure portions of the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) at the Ralph Hall Municipal Airport. The purpose of an RPZ is to provide safe approach and departure zones for aircraft, and securing these areas enhances the safety of people and property on the ground. To do this, the City has entered into a Chapter 380 Economic Development Agreement with a landowner of a portion of the RPZ. What this means is that the landowner has agreed to trade the City the property within the RPZ in exchange for a different piece of property for a mutually beneficial outcome.

The property within the RPZ is located across from the airport at the southeast corner of John King Boulevard and Airport Road. Prior to the agreement, the Boys & Girls Club of Rockwall was looking to build a new facility at this location, however, since the property falls within the RPZ, it is not conducive to a development of this kind. That’s why the City offered to exchange a piece of land located at FM 1141 and John King Boulevard across from the Caruth Lakes subdivision.

As the name suggests, Chapter 380 Economic Development Agreements are meant to help cities promote economic development. The landowner is in the process of donating the second property to the Boys & Girls Club of Rockwall for a new building. Ultimately, with the agreement, the City of Rockwall has helped the Boys & Girls Club secure a safer location for their new building, and the City, in turn, will avoid inconsistent development which could negatively affect the municipal airport and the safety of people and property.

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