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Three Rockwall PD officers awarded Certificates of Merit

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In the city council meeting on Monday, March 1, 2021, Chief Max Geron awarded the Certificate of Merit to three Rockwall Police officers.

On December 29, 2020 the Dallas Police Department requested that north Texas agencies assist them in locating a murder suspect. Officer Wener Perez researched Rockwall Police Department records that indicted that the wanted person had a connection to Rockwall. Officer Perez was able to determine that the suspect’s vehicle was parked near a residence in Rockwall. With the assistance of the US Marshal’s North Texas Fugitive Task Force, the Rockwall Police Department was able to obtain a search warrant for the residence. The fugitive was not in the residence at the time, but a rifle was recovered and information was obtained about the fugitives location. The suspect was taken into custody the next day and it was learned that the rifle that was found in Rockwall was going to be used by the suspect on officers attempting to arrest him. The level of effort and diligence demonstrated by Officer Perez went above and beyond and helped to make the City of Rockwall safer for our residents.

On Thursday, November 19, 2020, Officer Stephen Nagy and Officer Mitchell Attaway responded to a bank in Rockwall on a parking violation. The officers noticed that the vehicle had heavy window tint and that the occupants were parked in such a way as to watch the bank’s ATM and drive thru. Officers Nagy and Attaway both developed the belief that the occupants of the car might be “casing” the location to identify potential victims for an offense known as “Jugging”. The officers developed probable cause to stop and identify the occupants and subsequently arrested the occupants for other charges. It was learned that the suspects had committed another “jugging” crime in Richardson and were watching the Rockwall bank to commit another crime. These two officers used their knowledge of criminal law to effect the arrest of two individuals and to disrupt an offense where cases are rarely solved. Their actions exemplify the highest standards of law enforcement and reflect positively on the Rockwall Police Department and the law enforcement profession.

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