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Emma Kern, Utley Middle School Student, wins Rockwall County Spelling Bee

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Congratulations to Emma Kern, Utley Middle School Student, for winning the Rockwall County Spelling Bee.

Campus Spelling Bee winners from each elementary and middle school recently participated in the Rockwall County Spelling Bee. Spelling Bees typically consist of students standing at a microphone and spelling out the words to the audience, but this year needed to be different in order to protect students’ health during the pandemic.

The Scripps National Spelling Bee created an online platform that allowed each student to complete the spelling test online. The program pronounced the words for students and they typed them in the system.

The test consisted of 25 spelling words and 25 multiple choice vocabulary questions. Unlike the traditional Spelling Bee, where each student gets a brand-new question to spell; with the online Bee, all students answered the same exact questions.

Emma Kern, 8th grader at Utley, will represent Rockwall in the 63rd Annual Dallas Regional Spelling Bee in March. Phoebe Ishmael, from Reinhardt, is Rockwall’s alternate.

Spelling Bee Contestants

Rochell ES – Amelia Elliott/6th

Amy Parks-Heath ES – Jack Cameron/6th Grade

Stevenson ES – Maddie Kern/6th grade

Hays ES – Nolan Foster /5th Grade

Cullins-Lake Pointe ES – Caitlin Dulac/6th Grade

Pullen ES – Lawrence Powell / 5th Grade

Jones ES – Camden Holton

Hartman ES – Audrey Thompson/6th

Hamm ES – Cole Mecham/5th

Dobbs ES – Christian Colon/6th

Lyon ES – Lauren Habersham/5th

NebbieWilliams ES – Harleigh Carr/6th

Springer ES – Audrey Faulkner/5th

Shannon ES – Max Pennock / 6th

Reinhardt ES – Phoebe Ishmael/6th

Utley MS – Emma Kern 8th

Williams MS – Nirvikar Kaur

Cain MS – Ryan Payne 8th

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