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Three Teachers at Nebbie Williams ES receive grant from Walmart

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Three staff members at Nebbie Williams Elementary recently received $1,500 grants from the Wal-Mart Community Grant program. The three recipients are Helen Gulley (ECSE teacher), Shelbi Malig (counselor) and Kimberly Cokely (library media specialist).

“I plan to use the money to start calming space kits in each classroom,” said Shelbi Malig. “In this space, students will be able collect themselves when experiencing negative or overwhelming emotions. Calming kits will include glitter calming jars, stress balls, timers and calming coloring activities.”

Helen Gulley plans to get items for the Pre-K classroom, Speech, OT, and PT, and cause and effect toys for younger students.

“I am going to buy supplies for my classroom that I would normally ask my student’s parents to provide,” said Helen. “This grant will impact many classrooms and the families of my students.”

Kimberly Cokely plans to add books for the library that will support the curriculum, along with books that can be used for book clubs in the future.

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