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Rockwall HS Fishing Team catches big wins to begin season

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The Rockwall High School Fishing Team has started the season where they left off last year.  Last year, they were crowned the Central Region Team of the Year for the Texas High School Bass Association.  After 2 tournaments this season, they are again the top team in their 31 team central division, placing 1st at Lake Tawakoni and 1st again at Richland Chambers.  

RHS Tawakoni Results (191 boats)

1st- Jordan Owens and Corey Morris
7th- Jackson Slagle and Landon O’Connor
15th-Craig Self and Treece Kimmel
50th-Drew Sherrard and Zach Young
63rd- Bryce Hatch and Christian House
78th- Gage Duke and Cody Conner
101st- Abel French

RHS Richland Chambers Results (189 boats)

2nd-Jordan Owens and Corey Morris
4th- Drew Sherrard and Zach Young
7th- Jackson Slagle and Landon O’Connor
21st- Craig Self and Treece Kimmel
83rd-Gage Duke and Cody Conner
92nd-Bryce Hatch and Christian House
94th- Abel French
120th- Jake Jackson and Jackson Randolph

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