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Medcillary makes masks available to Texans in response to Gov. Abbott’s order

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North Texas based medical consultancy and distributorship Medcillary is making more than one million disposable 3-ply and kn95 masks available to fellow Texans. The Dallas headquartered company set up a special website earlier this week as part of a campaign to #maskup countrywide. In light of Governor Abbott’s order Thursday afternoon, they have extended and expanded the crusade.

“PPE is not typically what we do,” said Medcillary CEO Jon Boski. “We’ve been sourcing a variety of PPE for our clients since the outbreak of coronavirus began in the U.S.”

Boski says the company helps prepare physicians for tomorrow, today. “It became apparent quickly that tomorrow was and is COVID,” he said. “For everyone.”

The website is The masks aren’t free, but close to it. “At twenty-three cents a mask, we’re certainly not making money. This is about stopping the spread,” Boski says.

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