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Garland Animal Services, Police Department team up to save abused animals

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Since January, Garland Animal Services and Garland Police Department have collaborated to ensure individuals are held accountable for cruel treatment of animals. Garland Animal Services has removed approximately 13 animals from cruelty cases, which have led to three arrests and two pending arrest warrants. 

Garland Animal Services is committed to stopping this cycle through the development of an Animal Cruelty Division within Garland Animal Services that will respond to abuse and cruelty cases. This new division will work in partnership with the Garland Police Department to use training and innovation to help bring perpetrators of animal cruelty to justice.  

One specific case that touched all our hearts involves a 4-month-old mixed breed dog named Captain. He was abandoned in a wire cage without food or water. Saul Garza tells how Garland Animal Services rescued Captain and gave him the opportunity for a loving, forever home.

To help support Garland Animal Services and its efforts to help abused, neglected and homeless animals, please consider donating or purchasing an item from the department’s Amazon wish list.

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