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Debt management agency seeks to help Texans crushed by debt due to COVID-19

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San Antonio, Texas – June 2, 2020 – Texas has been hit hard by COVID-19. As of June 1, 2020, there were 64,899 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the state, and over 1,600 deaths, with the cities of Harris, Dallas, and Tarrant seeing the greatest loss of life.

Even for those not directly affected by the virus itself, the burden has been great. Earlier in May, the Texas Supreme Court called a halt on protections for Texans suffering under mounting debt, while hospitals in the state are continuing to sue those with unpaid medical bills.

It is clear that, even when the pandemic crisis has been brought under control, the State of Texas is facing a debt catastrophe.

For one Texas debt management firm, the danger is too real. Debt Redemption — a licensed agency helping people across Texas manage their debts and get their life back on track — is on a mission to help Texans gain control of their finances, and live a life free from the stress, humiliation, and negativity of high-interest credit card debt and personal loans.

The team at Debt Redemption is headed by Texas Debt Specialist Jack Brandon. Mr. Brandon has this to say about the current situation in the state:

“Millions of people are suffering from overwhelming high-interest credit card and personal loan debt in Texas. Debt Redemption is seeking to eliminate this stress in people’s lives.”

Even as thoughts turn toward a resumption of normal life — hopefully in the not-too-distant future — the debt crisis continues to grow. There are fears that debt collectors may begin to step up their efforts to reclaim outstanding balances now that people are returning to work, and many non-reputable and unlicensed debt management companies are adding to the problem by offering poor service. 

Mr. Brandon and everyone at Debt Redemption urge Texans to seek help exclusively from reputable and licensed agencies. The team offers education and support for Texans as they learn about how to resolve debt without resorting to bankruptcy. The agency utilizes credit counseling, debt negotiation, and has discounted resources available for Texans affected by collection calls and creditor lawsuits. Their specialty is helping people with large, unsecured debts, often ranging between $50,000 to far in advance of $100,000. 

To learn more about how Debt Redemption is seeking to ease Texas’ debt crisis, and to get Texans back on their feet following this unprecedented period of its history, reach out to Texas Debt Specialist Jack Brandon using the contact information below.

Jack Brandon
Headquarters: 40 NE Loop 410, #408, San Antonio, TX 78216

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