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Antibacterial gel hand sanitizer brand expected to donate millions of bottles to those in need

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Austin, Texas-based Germ Shark seizes on the opportunity provided by the COVID-19 pandemic to slide into a competitive position in Amazon’s crowded field.  The company makes high-quality gel and liquid hand sanitizer as well as double-filtered thick, durable jumbo hand wipes.

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Market research company, IBIS World, says the hand sanitizer market increased 3.9% from 2015 to 2020 in the USA, with Gojo (Purell) and Vi-Jon (Germ-X) holding most of the market share. But since the COVID-19 breakout, Arizton Advisory and Intelligence predicts the US market for hand sanitizer will register a year-over-year growth of 485% from 2020-2025.

Hand Sanitizer sales are expected to surpass $2 billion in the United States this year. Amazon alone sells $40+ million per month, leading to a new gold rush of backyard “witches brews” and debatable quality imports from overseas.

While other companies were rushing to market, often cutting corners (no FDA registration for example), Germ Shark’s rapid success in a crowded field of new entrants is because it created a true brand, not just a product or label.  “We took a little longer to come to market because we focused on creating a sustainable brand — not a get rich quick product,” says Kevin King, co-founder of Germ Shark and one of the top experts in the world on how to sell on Amazon. 

“We were really drawn to the messaging and brand identity Germ Shark created,” said Steve Simonson, a partner in Epic Brands, a $200 million dollar distributor which distributes Germ Shark to retailers nationwide. “We also like the story of how their PX4 line of disinfecting wipes and alcohol-based sanitizer is made right here in the USA and helped put 75 Americans back to work at a chemical plant affected by the pandemic.”

In March, due to a shortage of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, the FDA issued temporary guidance, allowing certain hand sanitizer products to be made by anyone who followed a specific liquid formula. “There are a lot of people making witches’ brew,” says King. “You don’t know if they denatured the alcohol properly or if the alcohol percent they claim is correct.”

The result of the FDA emergency ruling was an explosion of products on the market, including some questionable ones that led to an uptick in calls to poison hotlines. That’s the reason Germ Shark is giving away millions of bottles – to make sure those who need it most get a product they can trust.

Every time someone buys one of its hand sanitizer products, it donates a bottle to those in need, such as seniors, first responders, medical professionals, the homeless and disadvantaged, and charitable organizations.

Created by seasoned e-commerce industry veterans, supply chain experts and master chemists, Germ Shark is rising fast as one of the most sold brands on Amazon.

“It actually feels like the best quality sanitizer I’ve used so far — it doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky or smelly,” said Mark Brunjes, one of the first to try Germ Shark.

To learn more and see the entire product range of hand sanitizing gels, industrial gallon-size refills and jumbo hand sanitizing wipes, please visit

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