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Tanya Helena Ellison

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Written by Sydney Melton and Carrie Bohac

Tanya Helena Ellison of Rowlett, TX, is the cherished mother of Conner Anthony and Zoe Helene Celeste, devoted sister of Sylvia Connie Kabbes and beloved daughter of Ben Kabbes. She is also survived by her Aunt Sylvia Melton (and husband Artie), her cousins Amber Rae and John Taylor Melton, and former husband and father of their children, Steven Ellison.

Tanya was born in Frankfurt, Germany on October 1, 1980 and moved with her family to Ft. Hood, TX in 1981. Her family later spent a few years in Maryland, then Georgia and once again back to Texas where she resided since 1993.

Tanya was an esteemed employee of Hunt Oil Company for 18 years. She was especially close to the volunteer organization within the company called the Hunt Volunteers. She held multiple board positions as well as chaired many charity projects. Volunteerism and community service were key in Tanya’s life.

With the help of many, many brothers and sisters in Christ from CITC – especially Carrie Bohac and husband Aron – Tanya endured a brutal, ongoing battle with cancer. She modeled unshakable faith and strength throughout this heart-breaking journey, building a legacy of faith for her children to cultivate. She breathed her last in Dallas, Texas on May 18, 2020, after a 5-year-long battle.

She was the crown jewel of the family, and a special bright light on this earth; heaven’s gain, our great loss.

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