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Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt announces he is seeking appointment for Congressional District 4

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In an announcement on social media, Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt announced he is seeking appointment as the replacement Republican nominee for Congressional District 4.

The place previously held by former Heath mayor John Ratcliffe, who was confirmed as the director of national intelligence on Thursday.

According to Mayor Pruitt’s announcement, the CD-4 Congressional District Executive Committee (CDEC), comprised of the elected GOP precinct and county chairs who reside in CD-4, will choose the nominee on August 8, 2020.

“As I head into the final year of my final term as Mayor of the City of Rockwall, I am enthusiastic to embark on this new journey. I would be honored to represent the citizens of Congressional District 4, and I hope to have your prayers and support,” Pruitt said.

Rockwall councilman Trace Johannesen also announced recently, he will also be running for the same position that has been vacated.

Ratcliffe replaced Ralph Hall in 2014, who at 91, he was the oldest serving member of Congress at the end of his last term in office, the oldest person to ever serve in the House of Representatives, the oldest person ever elected to a House term and the oldest House member ever to cast a vote. Hall, first elected in 1980, served 17 terms as Congressman.

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