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Rockwall-Heath High School AcDec competes before Spring Break

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Before Spring Break, the Rockwall-Heath HS AcDec team competed against the top 40 5A and 6A Academic Decathlon teams at the Thomas E. Moseley State Finals March 5-8 in San Antonio, finishing in 18th place overall and 13th in the large school division. 

Team Members: Ali Wiprud, Christopher Rodriguez, Jessica Underwood, Caleigh Roe, Kayla James, Ryan Everett, Adbal Alkaissi, Vanessa Cham and manager – Maddie Fielding   Coaches: Kim Blain and Libby Holley

The following students also won Individual awards:
Scholastic Level
Kayla James 1st – Speech
Caleigh Roe   1st – Literature; 2nd – Speech ; 3rd – Music
Varsity Level
Abdal Alkaissi 2nd – Mathematics
Vanessa Cham 3rd – Mathematics

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