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Dallas-based wedding videography company refuses to give refund after fiancee dies in crash

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Justin Montney lost his bride-to-be, Alexis-Athena Wyatt in a fatal car crash on February 4 near where they lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado

The videography company they hired that was set to capture their wedding day, Copper Stallion Media, is denying a refund and threatening a lawsuit.

He told KRDO he paid $1,800 upfront to Copper Stallion Media, a Dallas-based wedding videography and photography company.

Montney said he understands they signed a contract saying the payment was non-refundable, but he believes that, due to the circumstances that the company should honor his request.

In response, Copper Stallion Media purchased the domains and redirecting it’s entire business website to the websites attacking Montney.

The websites are registered through 2022.

“He admits the contract was nonrefundable but says we should give the money back due to the circumstance. Life is a b*tch, Justin” the message on the site, which has now been taken down, read.

“It is not right that people can go online and trash a company. The contract was non-refundable. We will NEVER refund Justin Montney even with the online threats and harassment,” the website said. “If we knew he was going to shake us down, we would have charged a higher deposit.”

As of publication, the website hosts a lone YouTube video of a song entitled “Disillusioned” by a band called A Perfect Circle.

Facebook post from Copper Stallion Media dated May 23.

The lyrics of the song, in part, read “Willingly been re-wired by clever agents within, Looping our reflections, our obsessions draw us in, Fix and fixation, no sentience beyond, We’ve become disillusioned, So we dive like crows towards anything glittering”.

According to Copper Stallion Media’s website, their “team of wedding photographers and videographers have over a decade of experience capturing weddings.”

It also states that they are “fully committed until January 1, 2022, and are no longer accepting new clients at this time.”

A former photographer that worked for Copper Stallion Media as a videographer in 2019, told FOX13 that he left the company because they refused to pay him. He said he found the job on Craigslist and never actually spoke to anyone over the phone.

After waiting nearly three months to get his final paycheck, the check didn’t come from Copper Stallion Media. Instead, it came from Organized Weddings, LLC and a Las Vegas address.

Multiple other contractors reported similar stories.

The address of Organized Weddings, LLC is linked to a man named Jesse J. Clark. In 2013, Clark was sued by the Massachusetts Attorney General for taking the money of 90 couples and never delivering on their wedding videography.

A YouTube user called “Justin Montney” posted a clip of Montney’s appearance on the local news titled “Justin Montney Smear Campaign.” The video is watermarked with the Copper Stallion Media logo throughout the entirety of the video and has been edited to add a white question mark during a bumpy cut from one shot to another.

As of publication, Copper Stallion Media’s Facebook page has been taken down and their Instagram page has been set to private.

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