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Temporary drive-thru COVID-19 testing site to be available in Heath this week

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Heath City Councilman Frank New announced on Saturday that a drive-thru testing facility would be set up in Heath.

New is also involved in the Heath Economic Recovery Task Force and the Rockwall County Economic Recovery Task Force.

The drive-thru testing facility will be in operation on Wednesday April 29th and Thursday April 30th from 9am to 5pm. Tests will cost $50.

The address for the testing site is 215 Chris Cuny Parkway Heath, TX. To manage the flow of traffic, Chris Cuny Parkway will be restricted to one-way traffic so participants will need to enter via Heath Hawk Drive. Upon completion of the testing procedure, vehicles will exit onto Smirl Drive. Results typically take 15 minutes and will be texted to a cell number you provide. This testing procedure requires a fingerprick as opposed to nasal swabbing.

“For those who struggle daily to keep up with the current facts on the pandemic, it is easy to see why this task is such a difficult one,” New said in a statement on social media. “Extremely limited testing in our immediate area means we have extraordinarily little to work with when it comes to hard facts and concrete data, but the very personal and profound ways in which this virus, and its associated economic stand-still, affect us individually means we are swimming in a veritable ocean of opinions regarding the balance between economic stability and health and safety.”

This is not a city sponsored or sanctioned event.

You will not be required, or permitted to get out of your vehicle as the entire procedure–from registration to payment to testing, occurs within the confines of your vehicle to limit physical contact and reduce the risk of exposure for both citizens and providers.

There will be a limit of four tests per vehicle.

“In order to make informed decisions based on fact, both as individuals and as a community, we need information. That information can only come from testing. To the great relief of those of us scrambling for answers, a local doctor has recognized the need for testing in Rockwall County and has been able to procure five thousand COVID-19 antibody tests. This doctor and his qualified staff are setting up a drive-thru testing facility in Heath for Rockwall County residents,” New said. “In light of this remarkable opportunity, what once felt impossible, now seems possible. Balancing the health and safety of our most vulnerable citizens with the economic well-being of our community at-large is a daunting task, and the prospect of doing so without the benefit of reliable local data felt like a shot in the dark. I am grateful that Rockwall County is being given the opportunity for large-scale testing, and I am hopeful that the relevant factual information that comes from it will give all of us what we need to make the right safety and economic decisions for our own families, for our Hometown Heath, and for all of Rockwall County.”

For more information on the specific type of test provided at this location such as what it tests for and what the testing procedures are, please visit

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