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Three confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in Collin County

Last updated on March 23, 2020

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McKINNEY, TEXAS – Collin County Health Care Services (CCHCS) has confirmed three cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) within Collin County. The updated number includes the original case of a Frisco man reported on Monday, as well as his wife and a three-year-old child, one of the family’s four children.

Health officials tested all six members of the family and a close family contact on Monday afternoon, hours after the father reported he had tested “presumptive positive” for the virus. All seven individuals are in stable condition and in self-quarantine in their own homes. One school-age child had an inconclusive test and is being re-tested. All other individuals tested negative.

The father, believed to have been exposed to the virus during a business trip to California in late February, did not show any symptoms while flying home, and officials said he did not pose a risk to others who were on the same plane. Likewise, health officials confirmed that both of the family’s school-age children did not have symptoms and were not contagious at any time while they attended school.
County epidemiology staff are closely monitoring the cases, working to identify additional individuals who had contact with the confirmed cases while the individuals were symptomatic. Those identified as having close contact to the cases will be contacted by health officials.

The immediate risk of transmission in Collin County remains low.

Like most Texas counties, Collin County does not have an onsite laboratory to test for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-2019), but two commercial laboratories have announced their capability to perform COVID-19 testing. Quest Diagnostics began testing March 9, and LabCorp began testing March 5. People seeking testing should contact their doctor for testing referrals.

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