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#RPTServes reignites to help Texans during coronavirus emergency

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AUSTIN, TX – In August of 2017, thousands of our fellow Texans faced utter devastation in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. All of us watched neighbors lose their homes, loved ones, and property. Determined not to let Texans lose hope, the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) felt the call to stand up and serve in any way that it could. The very next day, the RPT activated the successful #RPTServes initiative to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the storm. 

#RPTServes was created in 2015 within the Republican Party of Texas to utilize its statewide network to give back to the community in a multitude of ways – from statewide service days to a highly organized and coordinated effort to provide volunteers, food, and other resources to our neighbors struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Less than three years later, Texas and our nation find ourselves in an unprecedented situation. Once again, the Republican Party of Texas is answering the call, this time to come to the assistance of Texans in need and those who are most at risk from the COVID-19 virus. 

For those who are unable to venture out for necessary food and supplies, the days and weeks ahead are full of uncertainty and worry. While practicing social distancing and taking every precaution to prevent the spread of this virus, there is much that we as a community can do to assist and affirm the most vulnerable during this pandemic. 

To accomplish this goal, the Republican Party of Texas is announcing four #RPTServes key strategic initiatives to once again come to the aid of our neighbors in this difficult time to:

  1. Bridge the gap between the needs of our most vulnerable Texans and the resources they need by utilizing our RPT grassroots network to garner and deliver aid where it is needed most. 
  2. Support our community medical professionals and first responders by working with local groups and organizations to offer both tangible and moral support to those on the front lines of this battle. 
  3. Foster the support of local small businesses who are struggling during this unprecedented time.
  4. Improve life for Texas seniors during this difficult time by inspiring a movement of people of all ages to communicate and connect with those who are isolated and alone.

From statewide leadership down to precinct chairs and voters in each and every neighborhood in Texas, the Republican Party of Texas is putting its values in action by serving our neighbors in this time of hardship. Working together, we can connect those who are in most need of assistance and help with those who have the ability to help and offer assistance.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey commented: 

“Texans have withstood some of the most devastating natural disasters our country has ever seen. We’ve done so because of our incredible Republican leadership and because Texans come together to support each other during these trying times. That is why the Republican Party of Texas is excited to re-launch #RPTServes in order to support our fellow Texans. Through this act of service-based effort and by following the guidance of President Donald Trump, the Centers for Disease Control, and Governor Greg Abbott, we will get through this unprecedented time together.”

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