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Governor Abbott releases 2020 Report to the People of Texas

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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today released his “2020 Report to the People of Texas,” looking back at all that was accomplished by and for the people of Texas over the previous year and sharing his vision for the year ahead. This is his third Report to the People since taking office in 2015. It is released in interim years when the Legislature does not meet and no formal State of the State address is given.

“Though the boundaries of this great state are fixed by latitude and longitude, Texas is more than just a place on a map,” said Governor Greg Abbott. “It is a state of boundless opportunity—where the compass points north, south, east, west and up. We look to the possibilities, not for ourselves but for our children and their children.”

The Report includes a summary of the historic 86th Legislative Session, noted for its bold ideas and collaboration, and for the passage of landmark legislation that:

  • Provides lasting property tax relief
  • Limits the ability of local governments to increase property taxes
  • Directs more funding to the classroom
  • Improves school safety
  • Enhances disaster preparedness
  • Combats human trafficking and delivers justice for victims of sexual assault
  • Protects life and liberty and more

With economic indicators reflecting record job growth across regions and industries thanks to the unrivaled and diverse Texas workforce, the Report also includes updates on the programs, grants and initiatives within the Office of the Governor dedicated to expanding economic freedom, elevating education, ensuring public safety and envisioning a stronger Texas.

In a recurring theme throughout the Report, Governor Abbott notes, “Texas is exceptional because of you… Families are growing here, jobs are growing here and, best yet, opportunity is growing here. That is why we remain the envy of the nation… Yet even as we continue to grow, we will keep Texas, Texas. And make it even bigger for the generations yet to come.”

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