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Garland updates declaration of disaster ordinance

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Wednesday, the Garland City Council approved an updated Declaration of Disaster related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The updated ordinance implements measures consistent with those of Dallas County and other entities in the area.

Garland approved a shelter-in-place ordinance on March 23. The updated ordinance calls for the closure of non-essential businesses as declared by Dallas County. Details are available on the County’s website.

The Garland ordinance requires that if a person in a household tests positive for COVID-19, all persons within that household must isolate at home until cleared by a medical professional.

All Garland residents are ordered to stay home, except to conduct essential activities such as getting food or medical supplies. Those who work in essential business, government or community functions that cannot be conducted from home may leave their residences. Everyone should practice social distancing in shared or outdoor spaces.

All public or private gatherings outside a single household are prohibited. As are elective medical and dental procedures.

Essential businesses include certain healthcare operations, government functions, critical infrastructure, essential retail and food service, services for economically disadvantaged populations, specific services to maintain essential operations, news media and childcare services.

Questions about essential businesses and operations should be directed to [email protected]

Everyone should continue to practice social distancing, wash hands frequently and thoroughly, disinfect surfaces and high-touch items and stay home if sick.

Additional resources and daily updates are available at

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