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City of Rowlett reminds citizens to maintain code enforcement items

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Via City of Rowlett:

Update on Code Enforcement
Just a quick note to let y’all know that you will continue to see Code Enforcement Officers out and about in our community. They’re not trying to pick on you, they’re helping out the neighborhood as a whole by doing their job – most of our City’s codes and ordinances are in place for health and safety reasons.

🌾Tall grass and weeds? Great hiding place for vermin, snakes and mosquitoes.
🤮Stagnant swimming pool? Fabulous breeding ground for, again, mosquitoes.
🤕Leaning fence? Those hurt when they fall over on you. Hospitals have enough to do right now.
🚓🚑🚒No house numbers on the back of your home? First responders need those so they can find your address when you call for help.

I could go on, but you get the picture. I hope you’ll understand that COVID-19 pandemic or not, the continued safety of our citizens and community is a top priority. And hey, although Code Enforcement is still issuing notices, citations have been suspended. So if you see them out and about, give them a friendly wave (with your whole hand 👋, not just that one finger 😉), please don’t yell at them.

Have you seen an issue in your neighborhood while out on your allowable-shelter-in-place-walk-while-practicing-six-foot-social-distancing? Don’t tell us in the comments on this post, let the Action Center know at or 972-412-6100. Thanks for your help!

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