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Rowlett Police Department announces 2019 award winners

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Ladies and Gentlmans, Let me introduce you to our 2019 Rowlett Police Department award winners!!!

(I know Officer Welk got his own post, but he begged and cried and stuff…claimed it was in his contract, I should have fact checked him. I take responsibility.)

So enough about him and onto our list!

Civilian of the Year – Monica Patterson.
Easily a top 3 person who works for RPD in my book. There is no one more deserving. Not only is she great at her job but the patience she shows putting up with her husband… she’s a legend.

Rookie of the Year – Marquale Pierson.
Dude hit the ground running in this profession, he has as many years at RPD (2) as he does body fat % (not bitter). It’s rare to have an officer just starting out to be as polished as he is. Look for more great things from him as he continues his career.

Supervisor of the Year – Vedran Nosic
A relatively new supervisor that got promoted into our ranks and is proving to everyone who works for and around him that this was a great move for the department…. Also has like 5% body fat (still not bitter)

Crossing Guard of the Year – Earl Burnett
This gentleman is our longest tenured crossing guard and literally no one has anything negative to say about him. He even goes so far as to fix the kids bikes when they are broken at no charge for time or parts. A true asset to the city.

Communications Officer of the Year – Mary Ellen M.E. Lollar
M.E. is queen button pusher this year. These dispatchers and their always telling us where to go like they run this..psssh. Lucky for us, she has shown an immense aptitude for the job and gets us to where we need to be and provides us with all the correct and appropriate info to effectively do our jobs.

Brass Pig Award- So this is my absolute favorite award as it highlights the person who performed greatest thing all year. This years award goes to the person who literally locked themselves INSIDE their squad car with their seatbelt and the sergeant had to cut them out of it on a call😂😂😂. I’d name names but I’m not gonna do Officer Sosa like that 😬.

Chiefs Award of Excellence- Me
In all of his infinite wisdom and by passing over much more deserving individuals, Chief picked me for his very last Excellence Award ever. He said it was for this social media stuff and my work product but I think it was a payoff to get me out of his office and to quit messing with his stuff and TV. Either way,I’m extremely humbled by it and will continue on because he accidentally condoned all my antics. Thanks Chief!

2019 was one heck of a year and congrats to all who won as you continue to set the bar for the level of excellence for our department and our city.

Release from Rowlett Police Department. Photos courtesy of Rowlett Police Department

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