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Jones ES students form student-led book club

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The second graders in Ms. Saenz’s class at Jones Elementary have taken it upon themselves to start up a book club during recess, where every Tuesday, instead of playing on the playground, they will meet, read and discuss a book reading.  

This club is completely student led, with the students deciding what they want to read and talk about. Teachers just supervise during recess time.

Two students in particular, Arianna and Anthony, came up with the idea while talking about reading.

“I thought it would be fun for kids to read and talk about the books,” said Arianna. “Sometimes we read the same thing and sometimes we read different books. Then we talk about the books, like what we like, our favorite chapters and things like that.” 

Anthony added, “The book club is very fun and I know that reading makes people smart, so I decided to make everyone read during recess instead of play so we can get smarter.” 

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