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What a friend was Ada Mooney

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by Donnita Fisher

My family moved to Wylie in 1997 and met Ada Mooney soon after.  It was one of the best things that happened to us.  Ada and Robert became like family.

When one of my children graduated from high school and the party moved to my house for lunch but I was stuck in traffic because there was only one way home from Rockwall then, it was Ada who stepped into my kitchen and got everything else ready so when I arrived with the fried chicken the party was on!

When my son came home from college and needed a job, it was Ada who said Robert could help.  (And he did.)

When our rather rural home was burglarized and my teen daughter came home from school to an open back door and chaos, it was Ada who went to sit with my frazzled and frightened baby because I could not leave work.

Ada and Robert Mooney at my son’s wedding shower

When you needed help, you didn’t have to ask Ada to come do it.  She just was there ready to do it!

When my daughter was getting married and I was so overwhelmed with, well, everything,  Ada became my personal assistant.  She deflected people from asking me silly questions, supervised things I couldn’t and just generally made sure the day went smoothly.  And she took two of my favorite photos of the day.

Eventually we left Wylie and I started working in Canton.  One day when I am out of the office at another location, I exit the building to see Robert and Ada Mooney drive up!  They were driving up to see James and had stopped by my office to see me but were told I was out at a second location.  So they tracked me down!  I was so touched, I cried.  How many people would have really done that?  Well, that was typical of Ada.

I think the best way to describe Ada is: She was a friend who loved at all times. (Proverbs 17:17)  She loved her neighbors as herself. (Matthew 19:19)  She was kind and forgiving. (Ephesians 4:32)  Ada’s goodness and kindness was the way she let her light shine before men, that they might see the glory of God in Heaven. (Matthew 5:16)

Mrs. and Mr. Claus (Ada and Robert Mooney) with my first granddaughter.

Photos and text used with permission by author

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