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Sen. Cornyn highlights year of accomplishments for Texans

Last updated on December 22, 2019

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SENATOR JOHN CORNYN (R-TX): “While I know the news is dominated by the impeachment controversy, Congress has been able to, under the radar screen, tick some important legislation off our to-do list this year on behalf of Texans.”

This year, Senator Cornyn had four bills signed into law or currently awaiting the President’s signature: the Debbie Smith Act, the HAVEN Act, the Military Voting Protection Act, and the Veteran STEM Scholarship Improvement Act.

Accomplishments During 2019

  • HURRICANE HARVEY RELIEF: Led the fight for the Trump Administration to release $4 billion in Harvey relief for Texans that was caught up in red tape.
  • DEBBIE SMITH ACT: Worked to get the Debbie Smith Act, which includes funding to fight the nationwide rape kit backlog, to the President’s desk after political foot-dragging by House Democrats.
  • STRENGTHENING NADBANK: Worked to include a provision to strengthen the North American Development Bank in the proposed USMCA trade deal.
  • BORDER COMMUNITY REIMBURSEMENTS: Helped secure $30 million in reimbursements made available for Texas border communities that provided care during the influx of migrants this past summer.
  • HAVEN ACT: Passed his HAVEN Act into law, which will protect the economic security and well-being of veterans and their families who rely on disability benefits and may be experiencing financial hardship.
  • MILITARY VOTING: Passed the Military Voting Protection Act, which will be signed into law as part of the Defense Authorization bill and ensures service members are provided with the means and information necessary to vote in their registered state while deployed or stationed overseas.
  • STEM EDUCATION FOR VETERANS: Passed the Veteran STEM Scholarship Improvement Act, into law, which will help veterans to take full advantage of the GI scholarship provided to study science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. 
  • JUDICIAL CONFIRMATIONS: Helped to fill 20 Texas judicial vacancies since the start of this Administration, with more than 170 federal judges confirmed nationwide.
  • BORDER FUNDING: Fought for $4.6 billion in funding to support the Homeland Security’s efforts to secure our southern border.
  • DEFENSE FUNDING: Enacted (once signed) the largest pay raise for U.S. servicemembers in a decade through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which also included $400 million for military construction projects in Texas.
  • IRS REFORM: Passed the Taxpayer First Act, now law, which contained the most significant reforms to the IRS in 20 years.
  • SMALL BUSINESS DISASTER LEGISLATION: Passed the Rebuilding Small Businesses After Disasters Act, now law, which extends provisions to help homeowners and small businesses access certain U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans.
  • AUTISM RESEARCH: Passed the main source of federal funding for autism research, the Autism CARES Act, which is now law.  
  • RELIEF FOR FARMERS: Passed the Family Farmer Relief Act, now law, to help family farmers reorganize their debt during tough economic times. Helped secure $400 million in relief for farmers and ranchers affected by drought in 157 Texas counties.
  • ELECTION SECURITY: Enacted bills with unanimous support ensuring hacking a voting system is a federal crime and deporting and denying entry to foreign nationals who have violated U.S. election law.
  • SUPPORTING LAW ENFORCEMENT: Passed legislation that will help law enforcement officers in crisis and their families and legislation to provide grants for state and local law enforcement to purchase bulletproof vests.

Information and photos courtesy of Senator John Cornyn’s Office

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