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Rockwall ISD Holds Third Annual Sculpture Show

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Rockwall ISD recently held the third annual Sculpture Show at Utley MS where hundreds of artists grades K-12 displayed their three-dimensional art.
Here are those students who received ribbons:
1st – Ryleigh Martin, Cullins LP
2nd- Kindergarten Collaboration, Linda Lyon
3rd- Matthew Webster., Pullen
4th- Jett Roland., Amy Parks
5th- Ava Onofre., Amy Parks
1st- 6th Grade Collaboration, Pullen
2nd- Emi Portals, Reinhardt
3rd- Olivia Wallace, Nebbie
4th- Austin Collingsworth, Linda Lyon
5th- Valen Brown, Nebbie
6th- Nale Tran
1st- Myra Cansler, Williams
2nd- Kaden Byrd., Utley
3rd-Jackson Jeffus, Williams
4th- Leyton Roberts, Williams
5th- Ashton Dawes, Williams
1st- Emily Carvajal, RHS
2nd- Peyton Wood., RHS
3rd- Jayden Overholt, RHS
4th- Skyler Shelton., RHS
5th- Haley Petton, RHHS
6th- Alina Columbie, RHS
Click to view a photo gallery.

Information courtesy of Rockwall ISD

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