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Williams MS Choir students compete at Rockwall ISD Solo Contest

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Williams Middle School Choir students participated in the Rockwall ISD Solo Contest where, out of 45 students competing, 41 students received Superior Ratings of 1 on their solos, and 4 received Excellent Ratings of 2.  Eleven students were nominated as Outstanding Soloists in their room, and four of them were selected as the outstanding soloist heard by their judge in their room that day. 

Congratulations to all of these students for their hard work and accomplishments.

Students in Italics received Outstanding Soloist Nominations         

Students with * received Outstanding Soloist Award

FRONT ROW (from left to right)

Gia Pardo, Ahayla Roberts, Lauren Clayton, Alyson Wurster, Denise Gonzalez, Megumi Bennett, Angelica Roque, Arianna Fittz, Dayne Decker, Ian Jeong, Zoey Talley

SECOND ROW (from left to right)

Karsten Schaffhauser, Isaiah Fosnight, Saylor Stevenson*, Lilly Neel, Hailey Robertson, Jordan Lugo, Annabelle Sellars, Felicity Channell, Katilyn Foster, Nailah Jappah-Vaughn*, Amby Saenz, Kayleigh Przybylski, Cecily Compton, Sarah Agerton

THIRD ROW (from left to right)

Ally Davis, Nick Calhoun, Kyra Waterman, Ava Hicks, Jacqueline Roorda, Brynna Carpenter,

Amanda Massey*, Noah Sisco, Amelia Ivanovsky, Courtney Weatherford, Jackie Gibralter*,

Alyzabeth Mitchell, Robbie Mosley*


Contessa Baron, Sam Buff, Mylie Christian, Sofia Keiser, Chiamaka Nwagwu*, Tucker Pierce, Tyreece Price

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