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Texas Traditions, a Rockwall institution, to close in January

Last updated on November 12, 2019

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UPDATE 11/12/2019

The owners of Texas Traditions have decided to stay on Rusk Street for another year after announcing the store would be closing on Sunday. The announcement posted on Tuesday read:

Sometimes in life things happen when you least expect it and today was one of those days. My rent was lowered and several people are interested in some space in my store since the office supplies are being closed out. God works in mysterious ways and today was certainly one and I am so grateful. It looks like Mike and I are going to spend another year of our “retirement” at 114 East Rusk. The love my customers have shown me the past few days has made me love the Rockwall square even more. So thank you to everyone who took time to send such special thoughts. We are continuing with the sales just to clean house a bit. We will also be selling fixtures to give us a little more space. Again, thank you Rockwall. Today was a blessing indeed.

In a Facebook post, the owners of Texas Traditions has announced the store will be closing after 40 years at the end of January.

The post reads: As many of my customers have already been sharing the news, I have decided it is time to retire and close Texas Traditions after 40 wonderful years. The doors will close the 25th of January and now the sales will begin. Even though you may not need anything come and give us a hug and reminisce a bit. We are open Monday-Saturday from 10-6 and beginning today, Sunday 10-2. We will probably be adding later evening hours in December. All furniture and fixtures will be sold and the building emptied. My sweet daughters and I have shed many tears and will continue to do so. However my dear husband of 53 years is pretty happy that we are going to have a little time together. I know we are looking forward to visiting old friends we never seem to have time for. And we will see many of you in the Rockwall restaurants – I am not going to start cooking in retirement!!!

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