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Rockwall resident scores Perfect storage unit at auction

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Rockwall resident and owner of Dallas Online Auction Block, Justin Grimes, got the chance of a lifetime recently when a storage unit formerly owned by celebrity YouTubers DudePerfect went up for auction.

Grimes didn’t go into this alone though. He teamed up with “Storage Wars” star Rene Nezhoda and Jeremy Hales of What The Hale$.

“I met Rene in an exclusive YouTube Group I was invited to be a part off back in July. Its called AA (Auctions Anonymous) which is a group of YouTubers who come together once a week to discuss our addiction to buying abandoned storage units. The group is led by Jeremy Hales of What The Hales a youtube channel with a following of 150,000 followers,” Grimes said in an exclusive interview with The Rockwall Times.

Nezhoda, Jeremy Hales and Justin Grimes paid $2,770 on a storage unit this week. Grimes said he found the storage unit on an online platform that auctions abandoned storage units. It was actually advertised as DUDE PERFECT UNIT with a list of details of the content. 

“A large part of my business Dallas Online Auction Block is to liquidate the content of abandoned storage units. So in saying that I attend live and online storage auctions daily. So I’m always on the hunt,” Grimes said.

Before they knew it, TMZ had picked up the story as well!

As of Sunday, November 10 Grimes said they have moved all of the content back to their auction facility in Garland, but they have not been through all of the boxes yet. They did find the iconic Dude Perfect panda costume in the locker though, which Grimes says is his favorite find.

The items will be processed and Tuesday November 12, the Dude Perfect props will be up for auction on their website that evening. If you are interested in any of the items, visit their website here.

When asked if they had spoken to the Dude Perfect guys, Grimes said, “No, we haven’t, but come on those guys have a huge following and a million things going on. If we are able that would be EPIC for us.”

Dude Perfect is an American sports entertainment group from Frisco. The group consists of twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, all of whom are former college roommates at Texas A&M University. The members of the group hold many Guinness World Records. Their YouTube videos have garnered over 9 billion total views and their flagship channel, “Dude Perfect,” has more than 47 million subscribers. The channel is the 2nd most subscribed sports channel on YouTube and the 9th most subscribed channel overall.

The most popular content created by Dude Perfect consists of videos depicting various trick shots and stunts cut together with upbeat music mixed in. The group also regularly uploads videos of “battles,” where the individual members of Dude Perfect compete against one another in a good-natured game or contest usually featuring elements and creative spins on different sports and a unique set of rules.

Be sure to follow Grimes Finds, Rene Nezhoda and What the Hales on YouTube and on their Facebook pages!

Photos submitted exclusively to The Rockwall Times

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