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Pullen Elementary Student Making a Global Impact by Organizing Drive for Hurricane Relief in the Bahamas

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When Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas leaving devastating damage in its wake, Pullen ES 6th grader Ethan Stroud felt he needed to find a way to help.  Ethan was moved to action because he has family members here in the United States who live in areas that have been affected by hurricanes so he understands the impact severe storms can have on residents. 

He decided to ask Principal Michael Stuart if he could conduct a fundraising event at school.  After being given the go ahead from Mr. Stuart, Ethan gathered a group of students to help him advertise his change drive and assist with the daily collections. 

Ethan and his mother also solicited donations from local business.  Between community and school donations, Ethan reached his goal of $2,000! 

The money was then sent to a relief organization in the Bahamas.  

Information and photo courtesy of Rockwall ISD

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