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Speed trap to be posted on Toler Road, Rowlett PD says

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Hi Guys!

So while I was running (walking) on the treadmill (to the vending machine) this morning, the honorable and svelte Sergeant Anthony Castiglione (common spelling) of the Rowlett Police Traffic Division stopped me so I could relay a message to the people:


I’m not 100% this is the way he wanted it conveyed, but its fine…everything is fine.

SO, on TOLER RD. the speed limit sign reads “30”, yet there are a few of y’all who filled in some gaps and are reading it as “80”. I mean come on…It’s a winding, undivided residential road with no curbs which means you don’t need to be flying down it setting land speed records.

After being alerted to the citizen complaints of speeding there, one of our motorjocks went out to help deter speeders and almost got smoked by a guy hauling…butt down the road (we are still looking for you by the way).

So now our illustrious traffic guys will be out there enforcing the speed limits on that road at all hours of the day, and they aren’t even hiding.

I have good friends living there, and they have kids. All of us with kids can tell you there is one thing they have in common: they do stupid things like run after a ball into the roadway without looking for things like cars. If you are going 80, you ain’t stopping in time if little Timmy is running after the baseball he couldn’t catch that ended up in the street. SLOW DOWN. please and thank you.

Toler Rd = speed trap. spread the word!

Information and photos courtesy of Rowlett Police Department

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