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Sachse prohibits parking along portions of Woodcreek Way for student safety

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Sachse, TX – The Sachse City Council approved an ordinance prohibiting a person to stop, stand or park a motor vehicle along Woodcreek Way during the Oct. 21 Regular Meeting. The parking restrictions are effective immediately, and intended to provide a safer route to school for Whitt Elementary School students by improving visibility of vehicles traveling in the area.

“By prohibiting parking in these areas, children will have safer access to cross at the designated crosswalks,” said Director of Public Works Corey Nesbit.

In 2018, the City installed a marked four-way crosswalk staffed with a crossing guard at the intersection of Canyon Crest and Woodcreek Way. However, vehicles are parking too close to crosswalks, blocking pedestrian access and vehicle visibility.

Parking will now be restricted along Woodcreek Way a distance 40 feet south of Meadow Bluff Lane and Meadow Bluff Ct., and along Woodcreek Way a distance of 100 feet south of Meadow Wood Ct.

Information and photo courtesy of City of Sachse

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