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Venmo scam targets victims via text message

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Local police departments across the nation are warning residents of a scam going around for a mobile payment app.

The app, Venmo, is used as a digital wallet to send and receive funds from your smartphone. Venmo is owned by PayPal.

The scam send users a text message about the Venmo account, saying that it will be charged and the only way to stop the charge is to login and decline it.

The text will ask if you want to cancel the withdrawal, you will need to log onto your app and decline it.

The message will then allow you to log on with any phone number and password. It will then ask you to verify your identity by entering a credit or debit card number and other personal and financial information.

The scam will use the same colors and fonts at the Venmo app.

Anyone who may have fallen prey to the scam is advised to contact their bank, credit card lender or PayPal.

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