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Costco announces new digital membership card

Last updated on July 29, 2019

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Costco members won’t have to worry about forgetting their membership cards again.

The warehouse chain has just announced a digital membership card so that customers will no longer need their physical cards to enter the store or to checkout.

The new digital “card” will need to be downloaded onto the Costco app, making shopping easier for tech-savvy customers and those who forgot their cards at home.

Costco posted the announcement on its official Instagram on Thursday. Instructions for creating a digital card, as well as creating a membership, are available on Costco’s website.

Customers have inquired about the possibility of paying through the digital card. Costco clarified that while you can scan the digital card in-app at check-out for membership purposes, the app does not offer the ability to pay at this time.

For more information on the digital membership cards, more information can be found on the company’s FAQ page about the new membership card.

The Rockwall Costco is located at 1225 TX-276.

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